Jade, Lava Rock, Purple Fluorite, Rose Quartz & Carnelian



Jade – Brings purity, serenity, good luck, friendship and love. Brings peace to the mind while stimulating ideas and creative potential. Good for the heart chakra.

Lava Rock – Coming from the center of the earth this stone is beneficial for grounding, calming the mind and emotions, instilling confidence and stabilizing the root chakra.

Purple Fluorite – Provides protection and helps to communicate on a psychic level. Promotes insight and decision making. Opens us up to our power and spiritual awakening.

Rose Quartz – Beneficial for activating and opening the heart chakra. Attracts love and desire while restoring trust and harmony within oneself. Repels negative energy and enhances positive vibes

Carnelian – Beneficial for grounding and stabilizing energy. Beneficial for self-worth, motivation and stimulating creative power. Useful in business, romantic relationships and academic pursuits. Helps to connect us to emotions by dispelling apathy, depression and self-doubt.

Guru bead – Picasso Jasper – Grounds energies, aligns chakras, stimulates and cleanses the immune system.

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